To My “likes”: I Don’t Want You!

  It wasn’t yesterday that I realized I dislike social media. The first time I showed how I dislike social media was in 2012 when I had a miscarriage and it seemed that all my girlfriend were getting pregnant, but me! Right then, I realized Facebook was making me more depressed, vulnerable, weak, and untrue to myself. So, on June 2012 I quit Facebook. It … Continue reading To My “likes”: I Don’t Want You!

5 Things Nobody Told You About Parenthood

    So, as your loyal blogger about motherhood subjects, I felt the need to be honestly truthful to you about things I was not told that would change or would happen after I became a parent. I could come up with a much longer list than 5 things, but to keep this post short and sweet I decided to deliver my top 5 things … Continue reading 5 Things Nobody Told You About Parenthood

We are better

Sorry for being M.I.A. lately! My children have been on school vacation since late May and my job has been limited to being a waiter, entertainer, chef, storyteller, house cleaner, pacifier, teacher, doctor, and everything in between 24/7. Before you ask: No, we haven’t put our children in summer camp yet. For now summer camp is at home and condo playground!! Anyway, since my last … Continue reading We are better

Esposa x Mãe

“Amélia, que era mulher de verdade…” Bom, pelos textos anteriores vocês já devem saber que eu não sou nem um pouco parecida com a nossa querida Amélia! Não vou mentir, eu gostaria muito de ser uma talentosa dona-de-casa e com pique para o marido, mas graças a Deus aprendi a lidar com os meus limites e isso já é problema passado pra mim. O que … Continue reading Esposa x Mãe