Who isn’t? Just like an Oprah’s Holiday giveaway episode it’s like “You are struggling, you are struggling, I am struggling, we are all struggling, Happy Holidays!” – Oprah in my mind.  Today, I had a mini anxiety attack where I felt my heart palpitating fast, hands shaking, nauseating and weak… all during bedtime prayer with my family. It was 8:45pm and there I was overwhelmed, … Continue reading Struggling

The Outpouring

Oh the outpouring of love! I confess that I totally underestimated the power of love, internet, quarantine, support and relatability. As some of you may have noticed, I deleted my last post, ‘The Hard Truth’, in which I spoke about struggles in my marriage, parenthood and acceptance.  Well, this is how the story of the after- post goes: Husband upset, friends sending supporting messages, my … Continue reading The Outpouring

To My “likes”: I Don’t Want You!

It wasn’t yesterday that I realized I dislike social media. The first time I showed how I dislike social media was in 2012 when I had a miscarriage and it seemed that all my girlfriend were getting pregnant, but me! Right then, I realized Facebook was making me more depressed, vulnerable, weak, and untrue to myself. So, on June 2012 I quit Facebook. It took … Continue reading To My “likes”: I Don’t Want You!

5 Things Nobody Told You About Parenthood

So, as your loyal blogger about motherhood subjects, I felt the need to be honestly truthful to you about things I was not told that would change or would happen after I became a parent. I could come up with a much longer list than 5 things, but to keep this post short and sweet I decided to deliver my top 5 things that played … Continue reading 5 Things Nobody Told You About Parenthood

O Que Habita em Mim

“Mamãe, O Jesus está no nosso coração!” Olivia sempre fala isso pra mim, e como não amar, né? Em meio a tantos eventos internacionais, nacionais e locais, não teria como eu não expressar o meu parecer. Aprendi que deixar sentimentos guardados, faz mal ao coração e eu quero ter vida longa para estar bem pertinho dos meus amores Noah e Olivia. Eu me lembro que … Continue reading O Que Habita em Mim

We are better

Sorry for being M.I.A. lately! My children have been on school vacation since late May and my job has been limited to being a waiter, entertainer, chef, storyteller, house cleaner, pacifier, teacher, doctor, and everything in between 24/7. Before you ask: No, we haven’t put our children in summer camp yet. For now summer camp is at home and condo playground!! Anyway, since my last … Continue reading We are better