5 Things Nobody Told You About Parenthood




So, as your loyal blogger about motherhood subjects, I felt the need to be honestly truthful to you about things I was not told that would change or would happen after I became a parent. I could come up with a much longer list than 5 things, but to keep this post short and sweet I decided to deliver my top 5 things that played a major choc in my life once I became a parent.


1- You don’t want to be a parent most of the time

Can my parent readers please raise your hand if you agree with me? Seriously though… being a parent is the craziest job of my life, and that’s my only one! You can’t take a sick leave, you can’t return the kids to their parents, you have to give them (kids) attention 24/7, you have to wait until they finish telling you their senseless stories, you have to raise them!! What was I thinking when I had baby fever? There are days I tell my husband I don’t want to be a parent that day and he laughs at me, but I’m not joking… OK maybe a little… plus just to take a few more minutes of freedom, my husband and I even let the kids stay a little longer at our church Sunday school just so we can be “by ourselves”! Totally hoping my kids don’t read my blog when they grow up… #badmom

2- Breastfeeding is hard as F… (F = forever, we don’t curse in my family, but feel free to say as you wish…)

Oh those beautiful commercial of Johnson & Johnson® when a mom is beautifully breastfeeding her newborn child! How sweet!!! Let’s stop right there Hollywood advertising!! No, and no to deceiving advertising … If you are an all natural/zen person you are probably thinking I’m exaggerating, but if you are “normal” person like me, chances are breastfeeding was not as easy as you thought it would be. Chapped nipples, inside nipples, hunger, not enough milk, too much milk, lactation consultant, is the baby latching right? Is the baby gaining wait? Sore breasts in the morning, not enough milk if you don’t rest, mastitis… Those are just some keywords that describe breastfeeding. Also, you would think that you will do waaaay better with the second child, since you learned it all with the first right? Wrong! I remember I would cry every time with Olivia was hungry, because I knew it would hurt me so much to breastfeed, yet I committed because I truly believed my milk was better for her. Those were some days…

3- Throw away your life plan

OK, Nostradamus, you don’t know the day of tomorrow, so take it easy with all the plans you have to prep for when your child is born. I always hear newlyweds, young couples saying that a child won’t stop them from living their adventures, and exploring the world. Sure! Who am I to say that you should not pursue your adventures, right? But I’m pretty sure that you will choose to sleep instead of waking up at 5am to take your 1 year old child on that hiking trip you had planned last year. Also, I think you would prefer to save some money to buy baby formula because your child can’t latch on mom’s breast, instead of buying that expensive pair of shoes that you wanted forever, plus you can’t wear them anyways since your feet grew after pregnancy. Are we clear with this? OK moving on to number 4.

4-Your body will change after pregnancy or becoming a parent

Unless you are Gisele Bundchen or The Rock, ladies and gentlemen, your body WILL change. And if your body didn’t change after becoming a parent, congratulations, you are part of the 1% privileged people in our society and I you are not my friend anymore!! Moving on to the other 99%… I was 108 lbs when I got pregnant with Noah and 145 lbs when I gave birth to him!! My body changed in so many ways I never thought it could. After 2 c-sections and 5 years later, I can now tell you I am very comfortable with the body I have. Men, think only the woman will face the body change, but gentleman, if you are a present “baby daddy”, all those sleepless nights and baby rocking, will take a toll on your body. 


 5- You will feed McDonald’s to your child before she turns 3!

Guilty as F (remember, it stands for FOREVER)!!! I remember before becoming a parent, I swore to all gods I would never poison my kids with fast food!!! Until, my first born would not take naps, and car rides were endless and my stomach growled for hunger!!! I saw the warnings: little kids happily eating their happy meal; make-up free moms having play dates at McDonald’s; drive through lanes packed with vans… And that’s when at the age of 2 my son had his first french fries and I never looked back y’all!!!! Never!!!


Have I discouraged you? Believe me, it was not my intention!! Although being a parent is the craziest ride somebody can face in life, in my humble opinion, I can’t wait to add more babies in this crazy ride of ours! 🙂





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