Oh Time! Time! Time and I have always had a “love x hate” relationship. Really!

Lately, Time has been on my side, specially considering that Noah and Olivia are still young, and we still have not gotten my ” dream team yet” (housekeeper, chef, driver, nanny)!!! Do you see why I call it dream team?!

Since my last post, a lot has changed! Kids went from being home with me all day, to going to daycare part-time, and now full-time. All in a matter of 1 month, literally. So, you should be asking, why are the kids in daycare full time if she is a Stay Home Mom? Well… long story short: I REALLY NEEDED TO BE HOME ALONE AND CONCENTRATE ON ME, MYSELF AND I! I’ll tell you more about this on my future posts….

Going back to Time… Time has arrived that things are going better than expected. Kids have adapted to daycare. Hubby’s job has been better than before. Mommy has had some “me” time. Summer is here. Aaand a possibility to go back to the workforce is knocking at my door! Whaaaat? 🙂

Noah & Olivia have been teaching me so much lately that I would need at least 2 chapters of a book to write about all their teachings. To remind you, Noah is 2.5 & Olivia is 1.5 years old. Noah has been going to daycare for about 2 months now. and everyday he comes up with something new. Olivia, has become more independent than ever. She now chooses specific tasks to each parent, for example: Olivia comes to mommy if she is sleepy, but she goes to daddy if she wants to play. Before it used to be all mommy.

In other words, this Time has been a little bitter-sweet for me because although I’m living the dream of experiencing the growth of my children, and finally having time for myself; I also feel that I don’t want to let go from all the stress and emotions that exist on being with my children 24/7. Do you know what I mean?

Wanting or not, the Time has come for me to learn to live this new momentum of my life! I honestly can’t wait for it! Are you with me?!



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