Oh Time! Time! Time and I have always had a “love x hate” relationship. Really! Lately, Time has been on my side, specially considering that Noah and Olivia are still young, and we still have not gotten my ” dream team yet” (housekeeper, chef, driver, nanny)!!! Do you see why I call it dream team?! Since my last post, a lot has changed! Kids … Continue reading Time

New Year’s Resolution in full strength!

  Yeah! Welcome 2016! Yeah yeah! Is it only me, or anybody else also desperately wished for 2016 to come ASAP?! Well, 2016 is here and so are my resolution goals for the year. Interesting enough, this year I really want to keep a close eye on my resolutions. I feel so confident at this stage in my life that it scares me a little! … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution in full strength!