We are better

Sorry for being M.I.A. lately! My children have been on school vacation since late May and my job has been limited to being a waiter, entertainer, chef, storyteller, house cleaner, pacifier, teacher, doctor, and everything in between 24/7. Before you ask: No, we haven’t put our children in summer camp yet. For now summer camp is at home and condo playground!!

Anyway, since my last post a lot has happened in the United States, which has contributed with my lack of motivation to write. If you don’t live under a rock, you know that are hundreds of children who have been separated by their parents at the border of the U.S. and Mexico. Those children were sent by/with their parents to try a better living in U.S..

Now, I was advised by my lovely husband to not get political in my blog. Although I love him, I kindly disagree with him. Yet, I will not write e pap rally post, so you can breath for a little.

Dear reader, I have no idea who you voted for, I have no idea about your political party affiliation, I have no idea where you stand on gun control, I have no idea where you stand on gay marriage, I have no idea if you believe in God, I have no idea if you are racist, I have no idea if you can speak more than one language, I have no idea about your daily struggles; however, I have an idea on what you and I can agree on: we are humans!!

It has been extremely hard for me to live in 45’s America. Since 45 was elected I have walked in somewhat fear of being denied a seat in a restaurant, or having my permanent residency being revoked because I’m not blonde, or seeing my son being rejected for being mixed. I could go on and on regarding all the thoughts that have ran through my mind every time I see an act of hatred in the news.

Yet, the U.S. have reached a new low. The people that elected 45 have allowed him and his accomplices to lock and put children in cages without identification and company of their parents. What have we become? This is not humane!! A 5 month old baby already misses her mom and can already recognize when something is not right.

The U.S. does need a reform on immigration policy, yes, it is needed. But trading traumatic children for a wall is not the answer. The children that have been separated from their moms can not speak English, those children don’t know where they are, some don’t even know their parents name/last name and the worst of it all is that those children were caught crossing the border of the U.S./Mexico in which border officials did not care to put an identification bracelet that would keep families together!!

As I write to you is actually hard to contain my tears. It is even harder to be joyful knowing there is a child not too far from me longing to be with her mom. It has been extremely difficult for me to be quiet about this subject. Ever since 45 was elected I silenced my opinions in my social media. But now, with all that has been happening in the country, and 4th of July weekend coming up, I can say I’m nowhere near of celebrating the America that it has become.

Everyday I fight harder and harder for my children to be good citizens of the world. I teach them about embracing the different and avoid whatever doesn’t feel good to their heart. I teach them about being loving with one another and respect others’ differences. But then, I turn on the TV and I see a whole senate supporting this president lies and racists decisions… my heart aches… I breath… then I take my thoughts to what is good…

Friends, let us be better than we were yesterday… let us kindly respect each other’s differences… let’s teach our heart to lean towards what is good… let’s hear each other’s story so we can better understand each other’s present… let us welcome empathy to our tables so together we can build each other. I’m not talking “kumbaya moment”!!! I’m talking not act inhuman moment!!




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