Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Yeahhh!!! Finally the best time of the year, for me, has arrived! I love December holidays! I love the feeling of closing and starting a new page in your life as a new year begins!

For my luck, Noah and Olivia have been able to experience the holidays in Brazil, my home country, for the first time in their lives! I never planned on it, but I’m so glad it happened! Like in every culture people celebrate holidays differently, and in Brazil Christmas and New Years’ bring feelings on forgiveness, joy, harmony and love with them.

Besides the fact that is 100F here, lpeople always try to bring a better version of themselves during this time of the year.

Noah and Olivia don’t really understand what Christmas is, they don’t even know who Santa Claus is ( I don’t care much about Santa Claus and to be very honest, I find him creepy), but they do know all the colorful lights that come with Christmas! They now learned to say: Natal (Christmas) and everywhere they see lights and Christmas tree, they shout: Natal mamãe!!!

Anyways… All I want to say is that for an international family like ours, I feel really blessed that Noah and Olivia get to experience holidays outside of the USA and create memories for the rest is their lives!!

Now my wish for 2016 is that we may live our lives free from things that stress us; bring to our memories things that make us happy and enjoy in abundance that life that God gave us!! Bring it on 2016!!! We will be waiting for “you” happy and dancing a good song!!!

Cheers to a new year!image


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